105X Dual Wireless Charge

It's a power bank, it's also a wireless charge.

Wireless Life

Smart Life Starts with the Core

Separatewireless wireless charging, base with wireless mobile power intelligent new experience, feel the new life.Can be used for desktop wireless charging, or for wireless charging mobile power supply

Wireless Life

Indicator light

Smart chips

Two-way interface

Multiple protection


Materials collide with each other

Aluminum alloy surface sandblasting oxidation, plastic surface sun, matte texture for the product to add texture, feel comfortable and resistant to dirt

Attention to detail

LED status

The phone successfully connected to the wireless charging source and the power led (1) is breathing.

When the wireless charging source successfully connects the base, the base light ( 2 ) light is on .

When the wireless charging source is full, the base light (2) goes off.

( 1 ) Power LED

( 2 ) Base indicator

The lights are all green

Smart identification

Smart Chip Foreign Object Detection

Intelligent identification of other metal items to avoid unprovoked power consumption When foreign objects are identified, the power indicator (1) flashes a reminder quickly



Bank cards


Other metals

( 1 ) Power LED

Easy to operate

Put it down to charge

Put down to charge, no need to find a cable to find the charging head, to use the phone to pick up, use the phone back to continue charging.

Easy to go out

Light and small

Feel free to put in a bag, carry it with you, no need to carry data cable, no burden to travel

Smart chips

High-quality circuit chips

Use of advanced smart chips and high-quality lithium polymer batteries to effectively improve conversion rate, provide nine-weight circuit protection, improve charge and discharge efficiency

Temperature protection

Overcharge protection

Overpressure protection

Power protection

Overcurrent protection

Over-release protection

Reset Protection

Short-circuit protection


Experience an upgrade

Wireless charging coil

Wireless charging mobile power supply, to achieve real wireless, farewell to cumbersome.Sensitive induction, support for wireless charging devices.

Indicator light

Power display

5000mAh wireless power supply with four power indicators on the back to see the remaining power by pressing the power key


Wireless Life

One-handed grip

Surface arc fits the palm, light design handheld charging easy to masterNo data cable required, easy to charge, feel convenient life

Product color



Package Contents

Wireless charging

Instruction manual


Product specifications

Product model


Product weight




Input interface


Output interface


Battery capacity


Rated capacity


Base usb input

5V = 2.0A (max)

Power Type-C input


Power Type-C output

5V = 3.0A (max)