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Method tips for using correctly

1. Please be sure to turn on the mosquito in advance (at least 6 hours) and do not turn on it until you sleep.

2. The use of no human environment is better, because the body temperature and smell of people can induce mosquitoes.

3. Non-toxic, harmless, non-radiation, no drugs and chemical components.

4. Check the mosquito storage box after at least 24 hours, due to the use of physical mosquito control through the fan leaves to produce a swirling air flow caused the mosquito air dry dehydration and death.If opened often, the dead mosquito esgout may escape.

5, the first use please use more than 48 hours, use during the day please close the doors and windows, pull up the curtains, to ensure that in the dark environment to use, to ensure that the mosquito is the only light source.

From love-favorite inspiration Healing department design

Cat-mosquito-proof light design into the cat's playful and cute temperament silently for the master to catch all disturbing prey - mosquito

Preferably manufacturing raw materials Good quality is guaranteed

Cat-anti-mosquito lamp strict selection symbol Skin-friendly characteristics of ABS raw material manufacturing, to ensure comfortable use of the experience, never use poor plastic materials (recycled plastic, coarse grains, etc.)

Ring blue purple light 360 degrees all-round mosquito-induced

Mosquito's favorite 368nm wavelength induced light Mosquitoes can be lured in any direction, high killing rate, large rangeFree of harmful substances, elderly children can be assured to use

Ring Mosquito Light

Mosquito-absorbing grille

Vortex suction fan

Cat Nose Switch

Anti-escape mosquito storage disk

USB power port

The strong suction of the whirlpool air flow

The fan stirs the surrounding air at high speed to form a vortex, sucking the mosquito into the bottom of the mosquito disk.Once the mosquito is sucked into the capture grille, it is difficult to escape the strong vortex formed by the fan, which has been pushed into the bottom of the mosquito plate by the cyclone, causing it to dehydrate and dry to death

Anti-escape mosquito storage box

The experience of disassembling is as simple as screwing a bottle cap,Can also be rinsed with water

Sleep with peace of mind

Upgrade 7-leaf brushless DC motor

Vertical, unobstructed airduct design, smooth air flow

Guaranteed strong suction without affecting sleep

USB power supply with charging treasure flexible use

With standard MicroUSB charging cable, most mobile phone charging cables can be used, with mobile power, mobile phone chargers, no matter where you areOr a computer, to power the cat-mosquito lamp.

Product color



Package Contents

Mosquito killer

Instruction manual

Data line

Product specifications

Product number:


Product Weight:

315g (packaging:445g)

Product Size:


Package dimensions:


Rated input:

DC5V 0.2A

Light break:

~ 368nm

Carton size(One box):




One box weight: