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Aromatherapy Humidifier


From the beauty of life

Creating a clean environment

Bubble - Ultrasonic atomization of the aromahumidhumidizer naturally creates a comfortable humidity. Through the electron high-frequency oscillation of the atomized chip, the molecular structure of the liquid water is dispersed to produce a natural floating water mist, which will release a large number of negative ions during the atomization process.

Moisturize all seasons of the year

Autumn static electricity, humidification to remove static electricity trouble.
There is more pollen in spring, and humidification can improve the air.
Summer resident air-conditioned room easy to dry, humidification improves skin tightness.

Let your skin drink water and keep it comfortable at all times

Using ultrasonic atomization technology, water mist into particles and negative oxygen ions, water mist and essential oils to get a more uniform diffusion, so as to achieve uniform humidification, fresh air, remove the heat of winter heating, create a comfortable living environment.

500 ML

Large capacity does not require frequent water ingen-with-up

10 hour

Maximum humidification time

Haunting the whole room with your favorite fragrance

Drop into the essential oil, with your favorite aroma, with the fog to give you a moist hug, so that the body and mind to relax, soothe the mood.

Precision wind channel, water mist sprays high and doesn't wet the tabletop.

The use of high-quality eddy current fans, in the internal formation of a circular air duct, so that the water mist appears beam-like strong water mist to high, do not wet the table, durable, power-saving and quiet.

Warm lights, gentle companionship at night

One-click control spray, preset timing off or warm-light function.

Water shortage automatic shutdown

When no water is detected, the machine will automatically shut down the caliber large, the bottom flat does not hide scale, clean one step in place, clean water storage.

Fine work

"Every part is carefully crafted for high quality"

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Package Contents

Aroma humidifier

Instruction manual

Transformer charger

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Micro USB


DV 24V - 500mA

Amount of fog

70hl / H


160mm * 160mm * 181mm

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