Rocket Mosquito Control

Childlike Rocket Shape

Precision Physics Mosquito Control

Detachable mosquito storage box

Sleep with peace of mind

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Childcare guardian, peace of mind sleep

In the face of mosquito nuisance,Can't wait to escape to Mars?Mosquitoes are not perforated in the summer and autumn,Children are the number one victims.Mosquito bites not only cause redness and itching of the skin,It is one of the ways of transmission of pathogenic bacteria and viruses.But some children are sensitive to smells,Mosquito incense and insecticides are prone to discomfort;Mosquito nets not only occupy land, storage inconvenience,There are limitations to using scenarios.

Protect your childhood with childlike interest

Childlike Rocket Shape

Small rocket shape design, not only full of childlike, and the fuselage round and unangled, reduce the possibility of baby accidental scratches, bumps;Four-claw shape base, center of gravity lower more stable, not easy to be moved by the child overturned

Accurate coverage, mild and harmless

Physical mosquito control

Use the tendency of mosquitoes to attract mosquitoes to ultraviolet light, and then all suck into the storage of mosquito boxes.The work process does not use chemical insecticides, physical mosquito control is more assured.Accurately cover the bedside area and keep it safe all night.

UV Purple Light Band

368 nm

Noise value

35 db

Fan speed

2300 RPM

Polish every detail

Fine structure

Rocket anti-mosquito lamp components after dozens of process grinding, so that the rounded fuselage around the curve smooth fit.The color of the fuselage has gone through several proofings to create a full and bright color-colored appearance.

Green, smoke-free, non-volatile

Purple Light Enticing Mosquito

Using mosquito-sedgline mosquitoes to uv light, dark light reduces visual disturbance and is easy to use at night.No smoke, dust, and irritating odors during work, reducing the likelihood of respiratory discomfort.

Tips; Turn on 3 hours before bed, better for use without anyone or light.

Broader use scenarios

USB power

Mosquito-resistant light machine powered by Micro USB interface, compatible with most mobile phone chargers and charging treasure.Fun rocket design, with children's room, personal dresser, bedside table and other environment are not against the law and sense.

Convenient operation

Increase button

Top plus sign eye-catching orange open key, power on/off one click, children can also be easily used.

Detachable mosquito storage box

Mosquito storage boxes are removable, washable and easy to dry, helping to reduce bacterial growth.

Easy to remove for easy cleaning


Press the bottom arrow to indicate that you can remove the mosquito storage box by rotating clockwise

Use the bottom arrow to indicate a counterclockwise rotation to install the mosquito storage box


Lock mosquito design

Isolated wind lanes and mosquito storage boxes to reduce the escape of undead mosquitoes.Circulation pattern is designed without affecting the wind.

Guidelines for the use of anti-mosquito effects

1.When using this product to fight mosquitoes, be sure to turn it on in advance (3 hours) and do not turn on when you sleep.

2. The effect of use in no man's environment is better, so as to avoid disturbing mosquitoes due to human body temperature and smell, affecting the use effect.

3. When anti-mosquito, please turn off other lights to ensure that the mosquito control lamp is the only light source.

4. Products use physical anti-mosquito work, mild and tasteless, do not produce soot, do not contain any drugs and chemical components, so after the start-up will not immediately kill mosquitoes.

5. Be sure to use 24 hours after checking the mosquito storage box, the principle of physical mosquito control is to catch the mosquito after the death through air-dry dehydration, so the process takes some time, if often opened, may let the non-dead mosquito escape.

6. When used for the first time, it is recommended to use continuously for more than 48 hours.If used during the day, close the doors and windows and close the curtains to ensure that they are opened in a dark and confined environment.Also, try to place the product about 1 meter above the ground, do not place the product in the air conditioning or fan outlet.

Anti-mosquito effect

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Package Contents

Mosquito lamp

Instruction manual

data line

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Micro USB




DC5V = 0.3A




179.5mm * 135mm * 135mm