Solove- Electric mosquito swatter


Summer mosquito-free tranquility, family sleep happiness, our home, our lives, should be so simple, beautiful.

Solove- Electric mosquito swatter

It's anti-mosquito, it's anti-mosquito lights.

Multi-function seat charging base makes use easier

Specially designed multi-functional seat filling base, so that charging, anti-mosquito, storage more simple.When working, you can put it on a simple charge, but also support the mosquito-inducing mosquito mode, simple mosquito control;

Two Anti-Mosquito Modes New Mosquito Control Experience

Is anti-mosquito beat, but also anti-mosquito lamp, a beat can be used in two.Support skilled/intelligent anti-mosquito modes for two different anti-mosquito experiences

Pure physical mosquito control mosquitoes are killed at the first shot

The use of pure physical anti-mosquito mode, flies, mosquitoes a contact, "pop" a straight shot was killed.

Targeted mosquito-induced automatic mosquito control at night

The ultraviolet LED beads with a built-in 14-395-400NM wavelength can also be used as anti-mosquito lamps.When the mosquito-inducing anti-mosquito mode is turned on at night, this smiley light belt, designed specifically for mosquito sensitivity, will stimulate the mosquito's light-seeking instinct, attracting mosquitoes to high-pressure mesh, self-destruction.This light wave does not hurt the eye, also does not have radiation, is harmless to human safety.

Three-layer mesh design only electric mosquitoes do not electricity people

The upper and lower two layers of net surface is the same as the negative safety net, the human touch net surface will not be electrocuted, the middle is the positive working power grid, acting on the human body is a low current safety voltage, in the human body safety range, the action on mosquitoes is a strong voltage, one touch immediately extinguished.

Galvanized iron mesh (negative)

Human contact does not touch electricity

Aluminium grid (positive)

If you accidentally reach in, you will experience slight paralysis when you touch the arm.

Galvanized iron mesh (negative)

Human contact does not touch electricity

Safe Grid

Safe Grid

Working electric mosquito

(Note: When the electric mosquito pats or charges, it is strictly forbidden to put your hand into the metal mesh.)Stay away from children or pets and use them safely.)

Three-layer mesh design only electric mosquitoes do not electricity people

When manually anti-mosquito, you need to turn on the function switch, and then press and hold the strong button to open the working mode, to avoid accidental electric shock to family or children, more secure use.

Shutdown status
Work status
Anti-mosquito beats and anti-mosquito lights

When manual anti-mosquito mode is switched on, press to kill the mosquito (children need to be used under adult supervision)

Strong electricity quiet

Can turn on manual mosquito and mosquito-inducing modes when not in usePush the switch to the bottom to make sure the power is off

Function switch

Strong battery life once a month

Built-in 2000MAH high-capacity battery, fully charged, manual mosquito control mode can be used for 30 days (calculated by 20 manual mosquito control strains per day), only once a month.Mosquito-induced mode lasts up to 8 hours, giving you and your family peace of mind to sleep until dawn.At the same time, USB-C charging method, can support desktop computer and other devices to charge.

Charging time: about 4-5 hours
Charging interface: TYPE-C
Battery capacity: 2000mAh

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Package Contents

Electric mosquito swatter

Instruction manual

TYPE-C data line

Product parameters



Rated Power :





About 390g

Battery Capacity:




Input :

DC 5V = 1A

Output Voltage Of The Metal Net :

DC 2800V-3000V

Wording Voltage: