Redefining mosquito repellents

Open up a world without mosquitoes

Improve furniture taste

Aerodynamic Engine Bionic Design

Vortex boost system duct

20 full wavelength light sources

Paint plate

Silent Fan

Heating system

Anti-escape mosquito-resistant window

DC ducts

Detachable mosquito storage box

Stereo light source trapping

Bionic breath-inducing mosquito

Imitation of the human body temperature system

360-degree mosquito-trapping window to catch mosquitoes without dead ends

Starry mosquito repellent using 20 365 wavelength LED lamp beads, 360-degree light source combined with all-round mosquito control window, really reach mosquito catch without blind spot

Gaseous system, bionic temperature fever technology

People after the exercise of the body temperature rise can attract mosquitoes, using this principle, after the start Gaseous simulated the body temperature to emit heat to further enhance the trapping capacity

365NM Wavelength Seduction

Mosquitoes have light-seeking, love 365NM wavelength of light, their eye structure is different from human, the human eye can not see light, mosquito is a dazzling light source, Starry mosquito-killing device efficient mosquito-trapping, the use of 365NM wavelength UV purple wave special LED light, mosquito-inducing effect is more prominent

5V DC voltage energy saving

USB-only cable, outdoor portable

Low-voltage energy saving, power saving, the use of USB cable can be directly connected to mobile phone chargers, charging treasure, laptop, computer chassis, USB socket and so on.Camping, outdoor activities can be carried around, to prevent mosquito interference.

Strong suction, ultra-quiet

Research and development engineers designed 5 pieces of impeller vortex fan leaves, 2000 rotary motor silent motor, modulated sound frequency is only 30 decibels, does not affect the rest to bring a more pleasant capture experience

Detachable structure independent mosquito storage box

Removable mosquito box, anti-escape net, convenient cleaning can be washed clean and hygienic directly with water.

Air amplifier design

Airflow multiplier technology

Starry mosquito-killing devices, more solutions to life's problems